In the terms and conditions laid out below: “We” or “us” shall

mean The Owner of Ford Cottage, Patricia Wolf-Ahrens. “You”

shall mean the

person who is named as the lead booking name on the booking

form and the person who is responsible for the booking on

behalf of all the other people in your party.


2.1 These terms and conditions used together with the Ford

Cottage booking details (the “booking details”), govern the

relationship between us.

2.2 You agree to these terms and conditions and are fully

responsible for all matters relating to the booking and the

payment of the Fee, together with any amendments made to the

booking and subsequent cancellation or amendment charges that

may be payable. You confirm that you have the authority to

accept the terms and conditions on behalf of all other members

of your party (including any members of your party added to the

booking at a later date).

2.3 To make a booking, you should complete the online booking

request. You must include the names (and ages if under 18) of all

members in your party in the comments section of the booking

form. If you cannot give all the names at the time of booking,

these names must be supplied before arrival. The booking

request must be submitted us with the appropriate payment as

set out in clause 3.2. Your submission of the booking request

together with payment of the Deposit (or Fee, if applicable)

constitutes an offer to book Ford Cottage, which we reserve the

right to reject in our discretion. A contract will exist between us

when we acknowledge acceptance of your booking and receipt

in cleared funds of the Deposit or where applicable, the full Fee,

and we will send you a confirmation notice to acknowledge such

acceptance. If we are unable to accept your booking form for

any reason we will notify you and return your Deposit (or Fee, if


2.4 You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the

information submitted on the booking. Please check all of your

booking information carefully to ensure that all correspondence

concerning your booking is complete and accurate. You should

inform us immediately should you have any concerns about the

completeness or accuracy of all such correspondence.


3.1 You agree to pay the fees in relation to your booking in

accordance with our current published prices (the “Fee”) and the

Fee shall be paid in full in all circumstances at least 28 days

prior to the date of your intended arrival date at Ford Cottage as

specified on the booking (“Arrival Date”).

3.2 You shall either: 3.2.1 pay 50% of the Fee (the “Deposit”)

when you submit the booking request and if we accept your

booking we will issue a confirmation to you to indicate the

balance of Fee payable by you; or

3.2.2 if there are less than 28 days between the date that you

submit your booking request and the Arrival Date, pay the full

Fee when you submit the booking request.

3.3 If you fail to pay the balance of the Fee at least 28 days

before the Arrival Date, we will treat your booking as cancelled

and levy any applicable cancellation charges as set out in clause




4.1 Ford Cottage sleeps a maximum of 8 people (including

children). Children under the age of 12 are not accepted at Ford

Cottage unless specifically agreed. We shall not accept a

booking for a party with more than this number and the Fee shall

not be reduced if there are less than this number in your party.

4.2 Only the persons named on your booking form may use Ford

Cottage and the garden. You are not permitted to host parties at

Ford Cottage or entertain outside guests. If you over-occupy

Ford Cottage, further charges may be levied against you or we

may terminate your occupancy of the property in accordance

with clause 9.

4.3 Pets are not allowed at Ford Cottage without prior written

approval. In the event that we agree to you bringing a pet, you

will need to sign and adhere to our "rules for bringing pets”,

which we will email to you. There will be and additional

cleaning charge of £50 for pets.


5.1 After we accept your booking any alterations to your

booking (including the names of people in the party) must be

notified in

writing to us by you. We reserve the right to reject any

alterations to your booking, however if we accept them we shall

send confirmation of these changes in writing to you promptly.

You hereby agree to indemnify Ford Cottage for any reasonable

expenses incurred in making an amendment.

5.2 If we accept your booking, you may cancel the contract

between us in accordance with these terms and conditions. All

cancellations must be advised by you in writing to us (by email)

and shall be effective from the date we receive such notice. Our

contact details are listed on the website.

5.3 If you cancel a booking after it has been accepted by us, we

may refund the Fee to you, minus the following cancellation


5.3.1 If cancellation is made more than 28 days before your

Arrival Date, the Deposit will be retained by us and we will

refund the balance of the Fee to you (if already paid).

5.3.2 If cancellation is made less than 28 days before your

Arrival Date, 100% of the Fee is non-refundable.

5.3.3 There may also be cancellation fees levied by third parties/

our affiliates such as massage therapists, etc; we will advise you

of any such additional cancellation fees in due course once we

have this information and, if requested, you will refund us in

respect of such fees forthwith

5.4 You are responsible for arriving on the Arrival Date. We will

not refund any proportion of the Fee if you arrive at Ford

Cottage at any time after the Arrival Date for any reason.


6.1 We will notify you (by telephone if necessary) if in the

unlikely event it becomes necessary to cancel your booking

which we have accepted. If we cancel your booking for any

reason, we will refund the Deposit (or Fee if paid). A refund of

such payment to you shall constitute our total liability to you in

relation to our cancellation pursuant to this clause.


7.1 The Fee includes the use of Ford Cottage on a self catering

basis for the dates specified. Check in is at 5pm (or by mutual

agreement) on the date of arrival and check out no later than

11am on the departure day.

Bed linen, towels and essentials such as toilet paper and kitchen

cleaning products are provided.


8.2 We strongly recommend that you take out adequate travel

insurance for you and your party at the time of your booking.

This should cover amongst other things personal accident, death,

medical and repatriation expenses, cancellation, delay,

curtailment, missed departure and legal expenses. You are solely

responsible for taking out adequate travel insurance and the

owners of Ford Cottage cannot accept any liability for your

failure to organise adequate travel insurance cover.


9.1 You shall treat Ford Cottage and all our property with

consideration and respect and will adhere to our house rules.

Please read the house guide provided at the property carefully.

Many of the interior furnishings in Ford Cottage are antique/

bespoke items and therefore carry a considerable value. Please

do not touch any of the artworks in the house and the garden.

You will be liable to reimburse us for any damage you cause to

the interior or exterior furnishings, the artworks, the property or

the structure of Ford Cottage and are required to report any

damage that occurs to us immediately. All exterior doors and

windows must be locked whenever you leave the cottage. The

gate to the driveway must be closed at all times.

9.2 Extra charges for cleaning will be payable if you do not

leave Ford Cottage in the condition that you found it.

9.3 You are liable for any costs, claims, liabilities, loss or

damage caused by you to the property belonging to Ford Cottage

(including the cottage structure), to our agents, suppliers or staff,

and you shall pay for such liability in full and you accept full

responsibility and liability for all members of your party.

9.4 We require you to lodge a security deposit of £ 1000

(or higher if required). This is to ensure that we can recover the

cost of any damage or loss caused by willful or accidental

damage by you or members of your party in accordance with

clause 9.3 The deposit shall be held via a credit card account.

Our staff will inspect the cottage after your departure and will

document any damages and send this documentation to you. In

the event that the damage caused by you or any member of your

party exceeds the security deposit, you shall be fully responsible

for the excess and agree to reimburse the owner of Ford Cottage

(Patricia Wolf-Ahrens) in full for such damage within 7 days of

your departure via bank transfer. Patricia Wolf-Ahrens shall

reimburse the security deposit within 5 working days after you

leave Ford Cottage minus the amount of damage or loss which

we believe or we are instructed by our staff has occurred.

9.5 You are responsible at all times for the safety of your

personal baggage, documents and all other belongings. You are

also responsible for the safety of everyone in your party.

9.6 You herewith acknowledge that you are aware that the

garden of Ford Cottage is bordered by a stream which is not

fenced off. You are responsible to take adequate precaution

around the stream and must take care the no one slips or fall.

You herewith release the owners of Ford Cottage of any liability

with regards to the garden or stream.

9.7 The Garden Sauna is at the clients disposal. Only over 18s

are allowed to use the sauna. When using the sauna, this is

entirely at your own risk. The owners of Ford Cottage will not

accept any responsibility for accidents in or around the sauna.

You are not allowed to take food or drinks into the sauna. You

must not leave any towels in the sauna and not place any towels

or other flammable items on the hot stones. Please read the

instruction manual in the kitchen carefully before using the


9.8 There are two wood burner at the property, which the clients

may use anther own risk. Please take great care, the woodturners

do get very hot and you must use the oven glove provided when

touching the handle. Always keep the door of the woodturner

closed for safety. Please do not dispose of the ashes, even if you

think they are cold. Our housekeeper will clean the woodburners

upon your departure.

9.9 The antique pool table is at your disposal. Please read the

instructions on how to remove the top, and how to raise and

lower the table carefully, and if in doubt, call for further

clarification. You will be liable to pay for any damages caused to

the raising mechanism and the cloth.


10.1 We reserve the right, at our discretion, to terminate with

immediate effect and without incurring any liability the stay of

any person in your party if they do not comply with these terms

and conditions or whose behaviour is such that it is dangerous,

offensive or illegal or likely to cause damage to property or any

third party. In these circumstances we will be under no

obligation whatsoever for reimbursing any costs incurred by you

and shall not be obliged to refund any of the Fee to you. As

such, any breach of these terms and conditions by you or any

person in your party may result in us terminating your entire

stay at Ford Cottage.


11.1 Except as expressly provided elsewhere in these terms, this

clause sets out our entire financial liability to compensate you

(including any liability for the acts or omissions of our

employees, agents and

sub-contractors) in respect of: 11.1.1 any breach of the contract

between us; 11.1.2 any representation, statement or tortious act

or omission (including negligence) arising under or in

connection with the contract between us. 11.2 Subject to clause

11.3, our liability to you in respect of any of the matters referred

to in clause 11.3 shall not exceed two times the amount of the

Fee paid by you. 11.3 Nothing in these terms and conditions

limits or excludes our liability to compensate you:

11.3.1 for death or personal injury resulting from our

negligence; or

11.3.2 for any damage or liability incurred by your as a result of

our fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or 11.3.3 for any

liability that we are unable to exclude or limit by law.


12.1 We operate a strict no smoking policy in Ford Cottage.

Clients who wish to smoke are able to do so on the outdoor

areas or in the grounds of Ford Cottage. When using the outdoor

areas it is your responsibility to use the ashtrays provided and to

ensure that all cigarettes/cigars are fully extinguished and

represent no fire hazard.


13.1 The information, images and prices contained within the

Ford Cottage presentation and website are accurate to the best of

our knowledge for the 2019–2020 season. If changes do occur

however we will advise you at the time of the booking or if after

the booking as soon as possible of any such changes to the

details in our website or brochure.

13.2 The personal data that you submit as part of the booking

form or any other forms that you may submit to us at any time

will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data

Protection Act 1998. It may be necessary for us to pass the

information that you provide to us when making this booking to

third parties who are responsible for providing services in

relation to your stay at Ford Cottage, including sensitive

information that you may give us such as disabilities or dietry/

religious requirements.. If we cannot pass on this information

then we cannot provide your booking, however we will not pass

any information to parties who are not responsible for providing

services in relation to your stay at Ford Cottage. In making this

booking, you consent to this information being passed on to the

relevant parties. You are entitled to a copy of your information

held by us and may request this from us during normal working

hours. We reserve the right to charge a small fee if this request is


13.3 Nothing in any contract between us shall confer or purport

to confer on any third party any benefit or any right to enforce

the same.

13.4 If any provision shall be found by any court or

administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid of

enforceable, such provision shall no longer form part of these

terms, but such invalidity or un-enforceability shall not affect

the other provisions which shall remain in full force and effect.

13.5 The contract between us and you and any matters arising

from it are governed by UK law.

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